What are links?

Links are created to share data across the organization. This allows members of an organization to search for a resource and receive content and context related results.

What are restricted links?

Restricted links are links whose context (meta-data and titles) can be searched but the content will not be displayed in the results.

Who marks a link as restricted?

When creating a link, workspace owners can mark as link as personal or shared. If the owner marks the link as shared, they also have the option to mark it as a restricted link.

Why is there the need for restricted links?

Restricted links allows members of an organization to ascertain that a certain piece of data exists and due to privacy, sensitivity or other reasons, the creator restricted access to the links content.

Should you need access to the content, the creator of the link is displayed in the result so you may contact them and request them to share the content of the link with you.

What content is not available for restricted links?

You cannot download files or drag and drop the resources/attachments of restricted links. Previews, snippets and search results pertaining to the content of a restricted link will not be displayed.

Can you change a restricted link into a regular link and vice versa?

The status of a link once created is irreversible. To change a restricted link into a normal shared link or a shared link into a restricted link, the creator of the link will have to remove the link and create a new one.

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