What are Go Links?

“Go Links” enables the creation of short and intuitive URLs using the format go/link. The idea behind Go Links is that everyone working in a large company, small team or single users, will be able to simplify their search experience and find the info they need by assigning memorable names to specific links. Creating Go Links to your most visited websites keeps teams collaborative and frees up more time to focus on getting work done instead of searching for resources.

Who can create a Go Link?

Anyone can create a Go Link!

What is an Unlisted Go Link?

By default, all links will be listed for workspace users in the Go Links page on Unleash.

Link creators will be able to “unlist” links. In this case, Go Links will available for the user who unlisted the link but will not be visible on the Go Links page nor appear in search results for the rest of the workspace.

Unlisted Go Links will still be accessible for users who are aware of the existence of that Go Link.

The workspace owner can also “unlist” a Go Link. In this case, the “unlisted” link will be available for the link creator.

How do I get started with Go Links?

To get started using Go Links, you need to first install the Unleash Chrome Extension from the store here.

How do I create a Go Link?

There are multiple ways to create a Go Link. Try it from the:

Web and Desktop App

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